If not you, then who?

I had the pleasure of attending, Pamay Bassey’s TedTALK in New York last week (it starts around minute 19 of the “Act 1” link). Pamay and I have worked together since 2007. I’ve been her client, she’s been my client, and through it all, we’ve been a sounding board for one another as we navigate the world of workplace learning… and beyond.

She said something in her talk that reminded me of a time during my first year as an independent consultant. I was having a particularly “low confidence day.” You know, the kind of day where you think to yourself, “Man, I don’t know how to do this.” or “I’m not sure I can make this work.”

Anyway, I called Pamay and explained my conundrum and she calmly asked, “Gretchen, if not you, then who? Name one person you know who can do this better than you can.” I don’t remember what the situation was, but I am sure she shared a time or two when she’d felt stuck (because we all do, no matter how long we’ve been doing this work) and I guarantee we laughed. Then, I hung up and got back to work.

There are a few pieces of gold here for me, and am grateful for the reminder:

  1. Many times, when you are stuck, you just have to decide that you can and will figure it out.
  2. You must believe that you are the right person for the job.
  3. When you are feeling stuck, reach out to your network for support and some good ole fashioned cheerleading.
  4. Then, just keep it moving.

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