Why ‘when’ matters as much as ‘what’ and ‘how’

I recently read Daniel H. Pink‘s book When:The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing in two sittings and was mesmerized.

In this book, among other things, Pink asks and answers the question, “why does reaching the midpoint–of a project, a game, even a life–sometimes bring us down and other times fire us up?”

In true Daniel Pink fashion, his writing is crisp, clear, and full of accessible and relevant stories. He is masterful in his ability to synthesize tons of research and present a case for why we should care. Each chapter ends with a “Time Hacker’s Handbook” where Pink gives actionable ideas for how you can leverage the science around time.

Over the following days, I’ll post tidbits that struck me as particularly relevant to the work we performance and learning professionals do.

Join me here on the blog, and join me in Chicago on April 24 to see Pink in person at Loyola.

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