To Err is Human

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfection and how, if left unchecked, it can stand in the way of progress and completion.

Thanks to Anna Belyaev, my former boss and mentor-for-life, I include the following risk in every project kickoff’s list of risks and opportunities, “We are humans.”

I go on to explain that “at some point in this project any one of us, and probably each of us, will show up as being human—someone might get sick, we will take vacations, family emergencies might arise, priorities might shift at the last minute requiring a change in schedule, and it’s very possible that a mistake may be made or a ball might get dropped.”

I go on to explain that, “I’ve been doing this work long enough to know that this will happen and when it does, we’ll raise our hands and say, “I’m having a human moment.”

By doing this, it sets the tone from the start that while we’ll aim to be perfect, it’s possible that some days perfect won’t quite happen. It helps a type A personality like me have a bit of a safety net from myself and gives everyone on the team–both the Hartke Designs team and the client team– a little room to breathe when life happens.

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