Why I LOVE Being an Independent…

I’ve been an independent consultant for ten years and I love it! Here are just a few reasons…

Every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day. My guy’s name is Ocho and I love him—even when he barks while I am on conference calls.

I work based on my energy. As a farm kid, it’s in my DNA to rise early. My most productive hours are 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. When I worked in an office, I spent my most productive time getting ready for work, driving to work, chatting with people on my way to my cube, and often getting caught by people with “fires” to put out before I did one thing that was on my priority list. Now, I pad into my office and work in my P.J.s until I have a break in the morning and can shower (maybe) and get dressed.

Pick of the litter. I have a tremendous amount of control over with whom I work. When it’s a project I am running, I have total control because I’m building the team with my favorite colleagues who I trust and respect. When I am joining a team, I get to choose if I want to be part of that team—no one can assign me to anything or stick me on a team that has dead weight or under performers. I also get to pick my clients. If I have a bad feeling about a prospect, I can gracefully decline to take the project. With all that said, there are times when I have to work with challenging personalities on the client side team, but exposure is usually limited and because I work with great clients, who often act as a buffer between my team and the internal team.

My hand is on the helm. I decide each day how many hours I’m going to work, from where I am going to work—will I sit in my home office, work from the coffee shop, head to a library, sit on my deck? I also get to decide what new skills I want to learn and how I want to go about learning them—do I want to attend a webinar, go to a conference, take a class, read a book in the middle of the day? And, I have a ton of control over how much money I make.

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