Why Hartke Designs

Why Choose Us?

We take a creative, yet practical approach to your learning project. We’ll work with you to determine where we can make the biggest contribution and then will quickly get to work to make it happen.

Gretchen Hartke, our president, has been successfully executing learning projects for 16+ years and is driven by the following principles.

Keep the main point front and center.

It’s easy to muddy the waters and try to cram ten pounds of content into a five-pound bag. Sometimes that extra five pounds is important. And, sometimes, it’s just an extra five pounds.

Our instructional designers work with you to clearly define the outcomes you are looking for and then they make sure we are all focused on them until the day your solution goes live.

We’re people, designing for people.

Our team spends time to deeply understand the human beings at the “end” of the solution. Who are they? What’s their reality? What do they care about? What do they already know? Why will this learning experience matter to them?

We take this seriously because, as humans, we want to make sure we’re not just checking a box, but rather really helping the people who come into contact with your content.

Trust the process.

While we don’t get too geeky about learning theory and cognitive science when we’re in the room with you and your subject matter experts, every person on the Hartke Designs team could talk at length about the inner workings of the human brain and why we learn the way we do.

We believe in the science, we believe in proven project management methodologies, and we believe in bringing all the best parts to the forefront to make your project a raving success!

Be real.

This principle shows up in everything we do. It starts by how we interact with you and your team. People do the work, and we believe people are most productive when they feel like they are making a difference for the human beings around them. We strive to make sure your experience of working with us feels genuine and authentic. We love knowing that you can hand off your project to us and knock it right off your worry-list.

Being real also shows up in how we approach your content. We are always looking for opportunities to speak directly to your audience, instigating conversations, and helping them to connect the dots.