Monthly Archives: May 2018

So tired of shi##y eLearning

Back in my Walgreens days when I was on the buyer’s side of the table, I had the opportunity to talk with many learning companies. I remember clearly, the day that a sales person from one of these companies was demoing a sample course and explained that clicking next or clicking an icon to reveal some more content to read was interaction.

Clicking ain’t interaction

While clicking a button on a screen is an action, it is NOT  interaction. And since that day I have been on a personal crusade to help clients push the envelope on their own thinking about interaction and engagement. I want learners to THINK. … » Continue Reading.

To Err is Human

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfection and how, if left unchecked, it can stand in the way of progress and completion.

Thanks to Anna Belyaev, my former boss and mentor-for-life, I include the following risk in every project kickoff’s list of risks and opportunities, “We are humans.”

I go on to explain that “at some point in this project any one of us, and probably each of us, will show up as being human—someone might get sick, we will take vacations, family emergencies might arise, priorities might shift at the last minute requiring a change in schedule, and it’s very possible that … » Continue Reading.